Monday, October 5, 2009

Mireya's Mundan - on 28th Sept 2009

In our family, Baby girl's Mundan is done on the first Dasara day.
so for me is was 28th sept 2009, I turned 5 (months) on that day...
Tippasandra's Durga Mata Mandir comes quite handy when you have to perform some north indian rituals.( Daddu had visited this temple last to invite Pandit ji for Grah Pravesh.)

Guestlist was CP, Sonali, Bade Bansal, Mrs Bade Bansal, Jassu, Sharma, Mrs Sharma & Teja.
one of the last pics of Mireya with those Hair. (Chachus and Chachis, pardon me for not writing these suffixes after all names, it was getting quite tough.)

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