Monday, August 30, 2010

Learning Happens every where...

Being not so grown up and educated like you, i am learning new things every minute, every where from every one.
Thanks to Dadaji - who gave me this lesson, i use it on my Mom 'n Dad quite regularly and it comes very handy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ear Piercing - 3rd April 2010

This is by all means a milestone. You will ask why? Let me tell you..
It was one of the most painful days on my life (which till that time was still counted in months). Pain has very few definitions in my small world….falling from the bed, stepping on a toy, vaccinations though for good reasons as per my Doc Uncle…this one was different and worse!!
Here’s how it went:-
It was one normal day, we (Me, Mom, Dad, Dada ji, Dadi Ji) were excited and hurriedly getting ready for an outing. I on the other hand had NO idea what was going on….what conspiracy they were hatching…To think I am their darling child!!!
Dad called Mr.  Mohan George to get directions, so Mohan uncle was party to this, I will not forget this.
I heard the address – Vignesh Jewel Empire, in J.P. Nagar, near Woodys something. That jeweler is another one on my hit-list….for the rest of the blog let me just call him Krur Singh.
Anyway, we reached after a quick 30 minute drive. The Shop was closed and something told me I should feel relieved. We did not have any cell number, but unluckily, there was a landline phone number written there, dad called that number and found out that it was a lunch break and the cruel jeweler will be there in some time. We waited. Why couldn’t we have just walked away!!

The shop opened…. nice place, lot of shining stuff around. I stared at it for a few minutes and meanwhile my mom and dad decided which stud looked good, and which gold wire was apt etc.
I got a feeling something was not right and decided to hang on to my mommy…But they had thought about everything. My Dadi was carrying some toys to distract me, she selected one of my favorite musical book which Chetan chachu gifted me. I sat in mommy’s lap thinking nothing can go wrong here!. But this Krur Singh came and sat next to us. He started fiddling with my ears, he had a pen and I was thinking why he wants to write on my ears, doesn’t he have a note book like I do? Anyway he made dots on both ears. And then showed to my dad. Dad pointed out that it was not fine and Krur Singh made some more marks until dad & mom were satisfied.
And the next sec, I experienced blinding pain. One sharp jab and one ear was done. My ears were as if on fire….and I cried my heart out not knowing why are they doing this to me. Krur Singh with his plier did some final adjustments to the gold wire. Now I had to make sure I gave everyone a hard time, second ear was 5 times more difficult, not for me but for Krur Singh. In the screaming, crying, hitting out I did not realize when the other ear was also piercedL
My mom has tears in her eyes and she immediately took me out, told me its all over, showed me the bus on the road, leaves on the trees and hugged me really really close..that made me feel a lot better
I was curious about why the hell ears are pierced and I asked dad and like ever, he googled on it, and read some text for me.

The Karna vedha (ear piercing) sanskar is a religious and cultural tradition practiced extensively in our country. While some believe that the pierced ears help ward off evil, others believe that it has a scientific basis. Acupuncturists suggest that the ear lobe is the acupuncture point for vision, and that ear piercing may have a therapeutic value. Some pierce their ears for purely aesthetic reasons. 

Another useful site on this topic :-, could be useful for parents of little girls.

In hindsight, I kind of think, good that it was done early. Other fringe  benefit, folks stopped guessing that I was a boy. I was sick of hearing things like “Oh Cho Chweet, how old is he?”