Friday, October 16, 2009

DhanTeras Shopping - 15th Oct 2009

Mommy wanted to do Dhanteras shopping, i thought i will also tag along and check out Big Bazaar. While Mommy was busy looking at crockery, i decided to take a stroll of the place, the trolley came handy. I must admit, Mr Biyani has changed the retail shopping landscape ofIndia (I heard Daddy telling this to mommy). Kudos to him. After a tiring stroll in that Not-So-Comfortable trolley, I checked out the food court and re-visited the new lessons i am taking these days.. called Standing.

Visited Chamundi Hills on 3rd Oct 2009

Mysore trip, the longest till date for me was a real good one. I liked panoramic views from chamundi hills (tried to spot infosys campus from there, but all in vain). Getting a picture clicked with demon Mahinsasura was a tough one, Mommy had to wait for others to give us some space, and her hair were getting ruffled in the strong wind, we had to pose again and again, finally daddu got a good click.
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If you wanna know more about Chamundi hills, please visit this link

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mireya - Photos from Archive...

....Mireya - Eating Hands.....

This isn't Fair. Just because kids eat their hands, Companies like MeeMee, Apple of my I, Zapp and so on come out with shirts like these... i will sue them all. anyway look at the pic below..
MeeMee and others - have you got a solution to this? i Guess not :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mireya - after Mundan. - 28th Sept 2009

Mireya's Mundan - on 28th Sept 2009

In our family, Baby girl's Mundan is done on the first Dasara day.
so for me is was 28th sept 2009, I turned 5 (months) on that day...
Tippasandra's Durga Mata Mandir comes quite handy when you have to perform some north indian rituals.( Daddu had visited this temple last to invite Pandit ji for Grah Pravesh.)

Guestlist was CP, Sonali, Bade Bansal, Mrs Bade Bansal, Jassu, Sharma, Mrs Sharma & Teja.
one of the last pics of Mireya with those Hair. (Chachus and Chachis, pardon me for not writing these suffixes after all names, it was getting quite tough.)

Miru @ Mysore - 2nd to 4th Oct 2009

It was my first long trip (apart from a month long stay @ lucknow) away from Bangalore.
we visited Mysore from 2nd to 4th Oct 2009, stayed at Infosys campus.
The building in the background is the famous multiplex inside the campus.